Adult Language Programs

Adult Language Program

Dynamic Language Services realizes that there are many reasons why adults want to learn a language. Whether you are traveling abroad or marrying into a family that speaks another language, we can help you reach your language goals with our native fluent language coaches trained to have you increase your foreign language skills very quickly.

The combination of our language coaches, learning material, tailored curriculum and environment conducive to learning will ensure that you learn your language as quickly as possible.

We offer a variety of language programs to meet a variety of goals.

Adult Dynamic Immersion

For the client who needs to learn a language very quickly. This is our fastest and most intense language learning solution. The Dynamic Immersion program is tailored to the client to have him speaking very quickly. Rapid results are achieved when immersed in this fast-paced private language program. This intensive language program lasts seven hours per day for 5 -20 days.

Adult Private coaching

For the client who is looking for a flexible schedule and still wants the luxury of private language coaching. You have the option of scheduling your sessions in the morning, afternoon or evening. Each session is 90 minutes. A 15 session program will have you reach one proficiency level in your target language.

Small Group Adult program

A small group of 2-4 adults will meet 2x per week at the Dynamic Language Center for 7 1/2 weeks. The group will be lead by a native fluent language coach who will enhance the group dynamic by having everyone participate as the group progresses to higher levels of language proficiency.

Dynamic Duo

A small group of two people who can vary their schedule as they progress through their language program. Married couples or friends enroll into this program to support each other as they learn a new language together.

Please call our Haddonfield Center at 848.333.6997 to talk with the Director about starting your program today!